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What is a Heat Meter?

Heat meters are devices used to measure the energy consumed in heating and cooling systems. Central system installation structure is used in collector (mobile) systems. The heat meter calculates the difference (t) by measuring the inlet and return line temperatures with its double sensor. It also measures the amount of water (m3 / h) passing through the installation with a flow meter. Energy calorimeters show all measured values (flow temperature, return temperature, flow rate) as well as consumption values on their screen and send them to the communication unit. It also stores these values in its memory.

What is the Water Meter?

Water meter; It is a measuring device that determines the amount of water used in homes, workplaces and agricultural irrigation by connecting to the entrance of the water system and helps the Water Administration to collect the cost of the water used. It shows the amount of water passing through it in terms of volume on a screen located on it.

What is Ultrasonic Heat Meter?

Ultrsonic heat meter is a type of heat meter that performs water flow measurement by ultrasonic method. There is no mechanical part. All measurement and calculation processes are carried out electronically. The calculation unit also performs flow measurement.

What is a Mechanical Heat Meter?

Mechanical heat meter is essentially a heat meter with a wheel system that works with a turbine system like water meters and measures the amount of water passing through it volumetrically. In this heat meter system, the measurement is made mechanically and the calculation is made with the electronic calculation unit.